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아크릴 보드인쇄
아크릴 보드인쇄
Acrylic Boards Printing..PGSam
값비싼 유리대신 투명하고 고급스러운 아크릴 보드에 인쇄

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  • 아크릴판, 아크릴판인쇄, 아크릴보드,
    Acrylic Boards Printing
  • SKU... MSABPG-AcrylicPrinting
  • 모양.Shape... 원형(Circle)
  • 크기.Size... 18 x 18"
    다른 사이즈 별도문의: 23 x 23", 24 x 24"등
  • 두께.Thickness... 1/4"
  • 재질.Material... 아크릴.Acrylic
  • 아크릴판 색상.Material Color... 투명.Transparent
  • 마감.Finish... 광택:Gloss Surface
  • 선택사항.Accessories... 3M 스트립(3M Command Strips) 선택 가능합니다.
  • 수량이 12개 이상인 경우 스페셜 가격을 위한 고객 서비스 요청을 추천합니다.
  • 제품 설명. Product Description
  1. Clear acrylic boards are nothing like you’ve seen before. They are the perfect balance between elegant and sturdy. You don’t need to settle for expensive glass boards to make your signs stand out. Plexiglass signs are coated in a gloss surface that gives off a sophisticated edge. The 1/4" thick, clear cast acrylic material automatically makes the signs look high-tech while remaining weather resistant, rigid and strong.

  2. Plexiglass signs offer a robust aesthetic appearance, making it an ideal choice for: illuminated architectural, trade-show, showroom, and point-of-purchase signs. They look great hanging both indoors or outdoors thanks to its lasting durability. Installation is easy because they are lightweight and easily fabricated, while offering a unique combination of high molecular weight and a uniform thickness.

  3. These transparent boards will embrace your design and give them the spotlight they deserve. They are made to be printed on one-side, and they come in an array of shape options including: Standard, Rounded Corners, Circle, Octagon, Arrow, Star, House and Apartment. Print on Acrylic boards to show customers that there is no other company that compares to yours!