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네일 & 페디큐어 파일러
네일 & 페디큐어 파일러
Nail & Pedicure Filer...EDSam
네일등 뷰티가게 서비스/판촉용

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  • 네일 & 페디큐어 파일러
    Nail & Pedicure Filer
  • Sizes...9 1/4 " x 2 1/4 "
  • Shipping Weight..1000 pcs / 21 lbs / ctn
  • Colors...Blue, White, Red
  • 제품설명:Product Description
    This pedicure board includes 2 grades of files (one on each side) and can be used as either a nail file or a foot file. A hole on the handle allows it to be hung on a wall. Imprint your company name and logo on the handle of this manicure board to promote cosmetic companies, hotels, salons, women's organizations and more!