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미니 메뉴... Mini menu
미니 메뉴... Mini menu
Mini Portable Menu sized 4X10"
포켓형 또는 소형으로 제작된 미니메뉴

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*미니 메뉴, Mini Menu, 포켓형 또는 소형으로 제작된 미니메뉴 or 투고메뉴
*모델.SKU... MPMM8PG-Minumenu
*크기.Size... 4X10" 4 Parrel Fold
*종이재질.Paper... 100 lb. 유광지...A smooth, glossy paper similar to a soft cover of a booklet/catalog. This favored stock has a beautiful sheen that protects your product from damage and makes colors appear lively and bright.
*인쇄컬러.Color... 양면 풀컬러.Full Color

*More Info:Mini menus are not only perfect for take-out orders (just slip one in each to-go bag), but you can also provide them at your restaurant's checkout for passersby and regular customers. Conveniently small, your customers can easily store them for access to your menu options from home!   Although mini menus are small in size, they can help your business make a big impression.    Great for restaurants, coffee shops and local businesses, mini menus are small enough to fit in your customer's purse or drawer and large enough to include your product descriptions, images and prices.



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