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포켓 메뉴스탠드 11 x 17

포켓 메뉴스탠드 11 x 17"

        Stand with Pockets         menu stands

Stand with Pockets

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Stand with Pockets

  • 포켓형 메뉴스탠드, 식당용 스탠드메뉴, Menu Stands
    아크릴(Acrylic) 브로셔 홀더가 포함된 스탠드
  • 모델.SKU... MDVD2-CMB17NGWLB
  • 크기.Size... 11 x 17" 
  • 전체높이.Overall Height... 46.8"
  • 색상.Color... 검정,실버. Black,Silver
  • 재질.Materials... 알루미늄, 아크릴. Aluminum, Acrylic
  • 미동북부 무료배송, 메뉴판 디자인 및 인쇄를 무료로 하여 보내드립니다.



제품 설명. Product Description

  1. This 11” x 17” silver sign stand with literature pocket is an affordable and effective promotion tool. Featuring a curved design, this floor display is compact and light enough to be easily moved and repositioned. Place flyers or catalogs in the acrylic holder suspended from this curved sign stand to complement your poster.

  2. With its snap frame, you can effortlessly change out the graphics framed in this floor display. Keep your sign stand looking fresh and updated by replacing your graphics with an eye-catching poster or design periodically.

  3. Additionally, each acrylic holder features a removable divider, allowing you to display one compartment of 8.5” x 11” magazines or two compartments of 4” x 9” pamphlets.



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