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  1. A-PET Thin Sheet Manufacturing Equipment  
    by Korexim Corporation Ltd 
     This machine is possible to manufacturing high transparent and high quality
    A-PET sheet & G/A/G PET sheet, which is attached as clear material.

  2. Extrusion Machine
    by Jin Sung Ent Co., Ltd.
    Extrusion Machine, Non-breathable Film, Manufacturing Line

  3. Battery Manufacturing Machinery
    by UKB(UniKor Battery) Co., Ltd.
    Car battery, Motor Cycle Battery, COS, Brand new
    Battery Manufacturing Machinery Turn-key Supplying + Technical transfer
    Battery Manufacturing Machinery 

  4. Fuel oil purifier, oil purification manufacturer
    by Sung Kyung Co., Ltd
    Drastic Expansion (about 7 times) of the lifespan of oil by the maintenance of high-purity oil / Reduction of oil purchasing cost Improvement of productivity by the prevention of various troubles such as the clogging of valve and etc. Expansion of the lifespan of machine by the maintenance of high-purity oil Prevention of environmental pollution by the reduction of waste oil
    Oil Purifier (OCS-6R)