M03-2002 Mitsubishi D3000S-8P+L<br>
M03-2002 Mitsubishi D3000S-8P+L

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2002 Mitsubishi D3000S-8P+L
2002 Mitsubishi 3HVR
8 color perfector
4 plus coater + dryer, perfecter than 4 plus coater and dryer 
No UV 
Blanket washers 
Semi Autoplate Loaders 
Comrac Console
MItsubishi Damps 
H&B Anilox Rollers
Ink sentinels 
Grafix IR Dryer
Grafix Exatronic Powder Spray 
AWS Tri Service Chiller
Intellitrax Scanner
215 mil imps approx (320 mil revs)
In Production 
Available end of February
Perfector is not working