ENOMAD - Smallest Hydropower Generator
Portable & Smallest Hydropower Generator
Made In Korea

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  • The most innovative on-the-go consumer hydropower solution
  • Enomad Uno is a portable water power generator that converts any type of moving water into stored energy to charge any USB-connected devices even while you're off the grid.
  • "Enomad Uno Portable Power Generator is a must-have for any trip." -  Editor Mark Myerson, Gadget Flow
  • Enomad Uno is responsibly designed to provide an affordable, stable and sustainable on-demand energy solution. It is the perfect companion for your fishing, camping, kayaking, canoeing or sailing trip. Enomad Uno works in both fresh water and salt water. It's modular designed battery pack provides USB-power, 5-1 lantern, and water-proof lantern.





 Bring power with you on any adventure with the Enomad Uno Portable Water Power Generator. Relying on Mother Nature, this compact yet easy to use system converts any type of moving water into storable energy.



 Equipped with a USB port, the Enomad Uno Portable Power Generator can top up anything from your smartphone to your tablet to your GPS device. Fitting into your backpack or even your pocket, the Enomad Uno Portable Power Generator folds into a smaller shape until you’re ready to use it.



 When you need some power, simply place the device in moving water. The turbine will be moved by the water which then brings the energy to the generator. From there, the built-in battery gathers and stores the energy enough to charge two and a halt smartphone batteries.



 It also has patented modular design so that its application is extended from back-up battery to lantern.



 Enomad Uno converts any type of moving water. You can submerge Enomad Uno under the stream water, or can generate by towing behind your kayak, canoe or yacht.



 We are all aware of the importance of renewable energy for a sustainable future. Fortunately, as portable solar and biomass power generators are becoming more popular, we are increasingly closer to closing the personal power gap on the planet. More reliable than solar and more efficient than wind, water is one of the world’s most powerful renewable energy resources, and it’s all around us.


24-hour stability: As long as you have access to water, even if the current slows, the Enomad Uno will provide a stable connection to energy. Can you imagine power as reliable and powerful as what we use at home provided by water beyond the grid?


Energy efficient: water is the most efficient natural energy resource on earth. So even our compact design can produce energy 3 to 20 times faster, with more energy output, than similar products in the market. And it requires no outside fuel resource such as gasoline or propane to generate. All you need is the Enomad Uno and moving water.

Whether it comes in through the tap or it is collected from a stream, water is present in the daily lives of everyone on the planet. Enomad wishes to expand sustainable energy on a personal level by allowing people to discover and utilize the natural energy resources around them.




  • Enomad Uno (Generator + Battery)
  • Manual
  • Duct(turbine protector)
  • Mooring Cable
  • Peck
  • USB Cable + Lightning Gender




  • Size(mm) : 270*84*84
  • Weight(g) : 628
  • Generator Capacity : 5W(at 1.2m/s)
  • Battery Type : Lithium Ion
  • Battery Capacity : 5600mAh
  • Input : DC 5V 1A
  • Output : DC 5.4V 1.8A
  • Material : Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic polyurethane, Silicon
  • Color : Dark Gray + Nomad Blue
  • Waterproof : IP68
  • Certification : CE, KCC, KC, RoHS