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미국산 고급과자/식품류 6 - 선물세트<br>Classic Wooden Crate  filled with a variety of Cookies &  food
미국산 고급과자/식품류 6 - 선물세트
Classic Wooden Crate filled with a variety of Cookies & food


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  • Item...Wooden crate filled with a variety of food
  • 박스색상;Box Colors... Brown
  • 로고인쇄;Imprint Methods....
     Firebranded 또는 Unimprinted
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  • FOB/Shipping Point....
    윈슨콘신주(Mosinee, WI)

  • 제품설명(영문)
    This large, reusable wooden crate is packed with a hearty assortment of gourmet treats. Show your appreciation to your valued customers and loyal employees by sending this incredible gourmet gift. The sturdy crate (Made in USA) is great for storing magazines, kitchen gadgets or children's toys. This impressive gift is a great way to say "thank you" to your best customers and employees. We firebrand your logo on the crate's top slat. Wooden crate measures 12" x 11" x 7".

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    세트당 $159 X 6 Sets기준가격입니다.
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    .....미주 및 한국 무료배송
    3.상자 외부에 로고(To Be Fire Branded
        On Top Slat of Crate.)새겨 드립니다.