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사각모양 마그넷 2장 세트<br> 2 Pcs of Rectangle Shaped Magnet Sheets
사각모양 마그넷 2장 세트
2 Pcs of Rectangle Shaped Magnet Sheets

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  • Item : Each 2 Pcs of Magnet Printout
              Rectangle Shaped 
  • Material:DigiMaxx® White Vinyl Magnetic Material
  • Thickness:22 mil (.55 mm)
  • Finish:Matte Surface
  • Usage:Outdoor/Indoor
  • Minimum Magnetic
  • Pull/Lbs. Per Square Feet:60/293 lb.
  • Intended to have an outdoor life span of 3 – 6 months.
  • Features & Benefits:
    DigiMaxx® magnets perform well in adverse weather(such as rain, sleet and snow), and in temperatures from -15° F to 160° F (-26° C to 71° C).
  • Uses: Perfect for all metal based surfaces.
  • Shapes:Rectangle
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