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무선 브루터스 에어버드
무선 브루터스 에어버드
AirBuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones...ABSam
무선 브루터스 이어폰 세트

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  • 무선 브루터스 에어버드
    AirBuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • Quantity(수량) : 100개 1세트
  • Model...MGEBASWBH22001100
  • Colors..White, Black
  • Sizes...2.6 " x 2.1 " x 1 "
  • Imprint Methods(로고인쇄)...Full Color
  • Production Time...10-2주(재고상황에 따름)
  • Materials...Plastic

제품소개 Product Description

  1. These ultra lightweight earbuds are fully wireless in-ear headphones that offer a reliable wireless connection, high quality audio, and good call quality.
  2. The included compact magnetic charging case quickly charges the buds.
  3. These earbuds also make a great promotional product for your brand. Imprinted logo headset.