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M01R-2003 Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS-6+LX<br>
M01R-2003 Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS-6+LX

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2003 Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS-6+LX
Six Colour Offset Press with Coater
Size: 72x102cm, 28x40”

Equipped with:
Console with Plate Cocking 
Semi APC
Royse R&R
ESS E600 Powder Spray
IR Dryer with Hot Air
Ink Temperature Control
Standard Roller Coater
Extended Delivery
Non-stop Feed & Delivery
X-Rite Intellitrax Scanner
Proofing Monitor System
Ink Declutch Units 1,2,5,6
Baldwin Blanket Wash
Auto Ink roller wash
Billows Pneumatic Plate Bender
Plate Punch
House Air
Vacuum Pump and Blower for Feeder
Solid Transfer Cylinders
365 million impressions approx.