Video Rig for Vertical/Horizontal Shooting:유투브 방송장치
Video Rig for Vertical/Horizontal Shooting:유투브 방송장치
Best YouTube Starter kit..YTSam
초보자에게 권하는 유투브 촬영장치

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    with Directional Minigun mic, Lavalier Lapel Microphone,
    Best YouTube Starter kit Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Any Other Phone : Camera & Photo
  • Directional Minigun VLC-80 and omnidirectional lavalier microphone with extension cable and accessories are included. Ready for streaming and broadcasting!
  • Easy adjustable for Vertical or Horizontal shooting with any front and back cameras with ANY smartphone.
  • Modular construction, easily transformable, multiple setups to fit any shooting styles, any common and creative view angles.
  • Compact and lightweight, well balanced for handheld shooting, mini stand and table tripod with a fluid head are included.
  • 100% compatible and can be used together with any other original DREAMGRIP products like rigs, LED lights, microphones, and standard photo/video accessories from most of other suppliers.