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재활용 쇼핑백
재활용 쇼핑백
Shopping bag
Reusable Shopping Bag

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Reusable Shopping Bag

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  • 쇼핑백, 재활용쇼핑백, 재활용장바구니, Reusable Grocery Bag, Grocery Bag, Shopping Bag, Folding Bag
  • 모델.SKU...MMAA-WS1002
  • 크기.Size... 13 x 21 3/5"
  • 색상.Color... 남색(Navy Blue), 파랑(Blue), 빨강(Red), 초록(Green), 갈색(Brown), 주황(Orange), 검정(Black), 회색(Gray), 흰색(White), 노랑(Yellow), 분홍(Pink)
  • 재질.Material... 폴리에스테르(Polyester)
  • 인쇄 방법.Imprinted... 실크스크린(Silkscreen), Unimprinted




제품 설명 Product Description

Easy to carry, foldable to save space, just store in you coat pocket, handbags, rucksack and more. Strong and durable, makes a great stocking stuff, come with 8 beautiful colors to coordinate with any style, an idea gift for friends and relatives. 




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