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재사용 가능한 폴리에스터 쇼핑백
Eco-friendly Folding Tote Bag with pouch
사용후 파우치백이 있으며 티셔츠 모양임

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MGSB4AD8GM-PE-1000 Pcs

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  • ㄴ쇼핑백, 재사용쇼핑백, 재활용장바구니,
            티셔츠형 초경량 글로서리 백, 에코 프랜드리(Eco-friendly)
  • 모델... MSB8GM
  • 크기.Size... 20x10", 50X38X2Cm등  
  • 색상.Color... 파랑(Blue), 갈색(Brown), 주황(Orange),보라(Purple), 검정(Black), 회색(Gray)등
  • 재질.Material... 폴리에스터(Polyester)
  • 인쇄 방법..... 실크스크린(Silkscreen)


    *Size: 20x10"
    *Color: Blue, Brown, 
    Orange, Purple, Black, Gray
    *Description :
    Large Volume could hold up to 22 lbs. Long handles allow for hand holding or over the shoulder toting. Reusable 190T tote folds into pouch for storage in bags, glove compartments and pockets for shopping.  Minimum Order of 1000 Pcs is required.

    *Size: 50x38x2cm
    *Color:White, Black, Gray, 
    Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Teal
    *Description :
    The unique strap shape of this T-shirt style bag fits over supermarket checkout frames, making it easier for the cashier to bag your items.    Minimum Order of 500 Pcs required



    *Sizes: 17.3x3.94x25.2"
    *Color:Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, Orange, Black, Purple, Green, Navy Blue, White, Pink, Red, Lime
    *Materials: 190T High Quality Polyester
    This Customized T-PAC Polyester Foldable Shopping Bag is able to be decorated by a Screen Print of your company logo or artwork. 190T polyester t-shirt style bag that folds into a 5.1 inch exterior pouch.  Minimum Order of 5000 Pcs