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재활용 쇼핑백

재활용 쇼핑백

        Grocery Bag         Shopping bag

Grocery Bag

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Grocery Bag

  • 쇼핑백, 재활용쇼핑백, 재활용장바구니, Tote Shopping Bag, Grocery Bag
  • 모델.SKU...MMAA-R396
  • 크기.Size... 20 x 10"
  • 색상.Color... 파랑(Blue), 갈색(Brown), 주황(Orange), 보라(Purple), 검정(Black), 회색(Gray)
  • 재질.Material... 폴리에스테르(Polyester)
  • 인쇄 방법.Imprinted... 실크스크린(Silkscreen)



제품 설명 Product Description

  1. Large Volume could hold up to 22 lbs. Long handles allow for hand holding or over the shoulder toting.
  2. Reusable 190T tote folds into pouch for storage in bags, glove compartments and pockets for shopping.




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