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델리&카페 투고백, 4.7x 3.1x13.7"
Plastic Beverage Drink or Coffee Carry Out Bag{CHSam}
델리,커피숍, 커피 샌드위치 투고백, 4.7x3.1x13.7 "

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MGSBACPAW1258-Deli.Bag-10000 Pcs

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  • 델리&카페 투고백, 4.7x 3.1x13.7 inch 
    Plastic Beverage Drink Carry Out Bag
  • Model... MGSBACPAW1258-Deli.Bag
  • Materials... Clear or White Plastic
  • Size크기...4.7 " x 3.1 " x 13.7 "
  • 1가지 색으로 로고 인쇄 가능하며, 상기 가격은 1면 1 컬러 기준임
  • Imprint Size:인쇄부 사이즈...4'' x 4''
  • 배송 : 디자인승인 및 결재후 10일 - 2주이내 무료배송됩니다.
  • 제품설명:Product Description
    High quality plastic bag. Use as drink, juice, coffee, milk tea and more take out packaging. Perfect for milk tea shop, coffee shop, drink shop, burger shop, various kinds cup drink take-out packaging. Size: 4.7'' x 3.1'' x 13.7''. Thickness: 0.05mm (5 silk). Price includes one color imprint.