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Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer
Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer
Electric Plug & Timer
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    Make your everyday routines easier and faster by programming on/off timers for things like lights, fans, kitchen appliances, cell phone chargers, your heater and A/C, aquariums, and other electronics!
  • SIMPLE SET AND GO PROGRAMMING: You have the option of selection one of the individual pre-set combination days and customize your own settings!
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME: Activate the Vacation Mode function to randomize your lights and make your home look  whether you choose to stay or when you are away.
  • SAVE ENERGY & MONEY: With automatic timers, save money on electricity and help preserve the life of your devices!
  • HIGH QUALITY WARRENTY: UL listed, RoHS certificate holder, and thoroughly tested for quality and safety! Our digital timer runs smoothly and silently, quitter than most mechanical water timers!