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COVID-19 Floor Sign Sticker {
COVID-19 Floor Sign Sticker {"사회적거리두기" 사인}
Social Distancing Floor Graphics 12"x 18" rectangle{by Sam}
원하는 모양의 디자인으로 스토어의 바닥에 붙임용 스티커

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  • 제품명:Name
    COVID-19 : 코로나 "사회적거리두기" 사인
    Social Distancing Floor Graphics 12"x 18" rectangle
  • Made In USA
  • 모델명:SKU... MWCV-FG1218A53554
  • 제품색상:Color... Full Color
  • 제품사이즈:Size...12 x 18 inch
  • 로고인쇄.Imprinting... Full Color Printed Floor Sticker 
  • 재질:Material... Vinyl
  • 배송:Delivery...결재후 5-10일후 무료배송됩니다.
  • 포장방법:Packaging... in Case
  • 제품설명:Description
    12" x 18" floor graphics- printed full color with Social Distancing graphics. Made will non-slip floor vinyl to adhere to floors in stores to promote Social Distancing. Add store or product logos. Many sizes and stock designs available. Program designed for small shipments (12-50 pcs) with special Overnight delivery. 24-48 hr production. Call for more details. Setup is $42© for customer logo or graphics. No set up for stock art.