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Original 15-in-1 Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit Toolbox(100 Sets)
Original 15-in-1 Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit Toolbox(100 Sets)
Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit...mzSam
한국산 유니버셜형 톱

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Original 15-in-1 Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit Toolbox Of Multi Blades Set Works As Hacksaw Coping Bow Jab Rip Pruning Chain Handsaws A Cutter Suitable To Cut Wood PVC Pipes Glass  
  • The original magic saw on air was made by HANATOOLS in Korea, on sale for more than 40 countries. The mini universal multi-purpose portable saw kit is such a hit item, helping you have more fun and efficiency during projects. It comes with a 30 days full refund and 2 years manufacturing defects warranty, and our customer service is ready to support and promise to resolve any issue within 24 hours.
  • 15-IN-1 multi-purpose SAW save your money! Too many kinds of saws for home, workshops, or fields! Magic saw replaces Hacksaw, Coping, Pruning, Bow, Folding, and Jab Hand Saws, Bottle, Tile, Glass, Bolt, Steel Pipe, and Plastic Pipe Cutters, Pruning Scissor Chain Handsaw.
  • It is Magic saw on sale over 40 countries. Please be aware of chinese imitations which have red cases.
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