Monitor Top Name Stand (Name Stand For Monitors:모니터용 네임싸인)


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Acrylic Stands

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  • 아크릴스탠드, 아크릴홀더, 아크릴프레임
    Acrylic Stands, Acrylic Frame, Acrylic Sign Holders
  • 모델.SKU... MDVD2-acrylicstand
  • 크기.Size... 5.5 x 8.5", 8.5 x 11", 11 x 14"
  • 색상.Color... 투명. Clear
  • 재질.Material... 아크릴. Acrylic
  • 유형.Placement style... 탁상용,벽걸이용. Counter/Tabletop, Wall Mounted
  • 무료 디자인 및 인쇄 그리고 무료 배송해드립니다.




제품 설명. Product Description

  1. This acrylic sign holder holds 11"w by 14"h signs.

  2. This poster frame features an open "foldover" design, allowing you to quickly insert your posters from the top or sides of the frame. With a foldover design, you don't need to remove this acrylic sign holder from the wall in order to change your posters or advertisements. Simply slide a poster into the side of the frame to start advertising!

  3. As a result of their simple-to-use design, this acrylic sign holder is the perfect poster frame for use in fast-paced environments, such as restaurants, travel agencies, retail stores and financial associations.

  4. This picture display is easy to install and you can easily print your design onto an 11" x 14" paper.




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