Menu Stand - 22 x14
Menu Stand - 22 x14" - 실내용,가게입구 배치용
menu stands

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Menu Stand 22 x 14"

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  • 메뉴스탠드, 식당용 스탠드메뉴, Menu Stands, 
    높이 및 앞뒤 조절가능,Tilting and Adjustable Height
  • 모델.SKU . . .    MSVD2FST1824CHR-Standmenu
  • 메뉴크기.Viewable Size...  14" X 22"입니다.
  • 높이.Overall Height... 48.5 X 79.8"
  • 색상.Color... 검정,실버. Black,Silver
  • 샤이니한 크롬도금으로 표면 처리된 메탈금속 사용 
  • 광고판 수직형 및 수평형 가능
  • 미동북부 무료배송, 메뉴판 디자인 및 인쇄 무료로 하여 보내드립니다.



제품 설명. Product Description

  1. This poster display adjusts in many ways to create a customized sign holder. With an adjustable height and tilting frame, this poster display is designed to hold 18" x 24" signs.

  2. Each poster display features a double metal pole stand, matching base, and a snap open frame for easy graphic changes. With a shiny chrome finish, this poster stand is perfect for upscale and trendy environments.

  3. We sell each poster display with a non-glare lens to protect your graphics.

  4. This poster display is a versatile and multipurpose sign stand. Each poster display features an adjustable height that can move up and down to a position that you choose. This display stand can also hold the frame in the portrait or landscape position.
  5. The sign frame tilts a full 180 degrees and can be placed to any desired viewing angle. Extend the height to eye level and use as a poster holder, or drop the height and tilt the frame back to use as directory or menu stand.



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