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Generator & Electrode
Generator & Electrode
Solutions for Thermo-Ablation with RF medical technologies-rfSam
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  • Item : Generator & Electrode
  • Application Industry : 
  • Made by : STARmed Co., Ltd. In South Korea 
    158 Haneulmaeul-ro #B-1403,
    Goyang-si 10355 in Gyeonggi-do of South Korea

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  • About The Company
     STARmed Co., Ltd. is a young and fast-growing company from South Korea, specializing in radiofrequency technology. Passionately working on the best possible RF treatment, STARmed has collaborated with a number of Key Opinion Leaders in developing the most innovative electrodes and leading-edge RF technology for a variety of clinical applications. STARmed is now recognized as the global leader in thyroid RFA

  • History
    Incorporated in May 2009, STARmed has grown from 5 employees to more than 100 today, and floor space more than 30 times bigger.

    This fast-growing success is attributed to our close affiliation with key Opinion Leaders in the field of Radiofrequency Ablation, and our passion in successful Patients’ Treatment. With their contributions of innovative ideas, our Engineers transformed them into dependable and effective Medical Devices, and we have earned ourselves no less than 10 Patents.

    Originally focusing on Liver RF Ablation, we have gone a step further to develop the right electrodes and algorithm for Thyroid RF Ablation. In the short 8 years period, we have established ourselves to the Global Leadership in Thyroid RFA, and no less than 70% of Clinical Studies on Thyroid RFA are done with STARmed devices, with extremely promising Clinical Results and low Complication Rate.

    STARmed is a family gathering of talented individuals passionately believing and innovating on the long proven Radiofrequency Technology for the past 10 years. We now have 4 different Generator Systems and more than 10 Electrode types in the market to serve different treatment needs.

    Globally Recognized and Respected brand name in the Ablation Market, STARmed will continue to innovate and support the needs of Ablation Treatments.

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