Flat Pouches : 바닥이 없이 평평한 프랫 파우치
Flat Pouches : 바닥이 없이 평평한 프랫 파우치
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두께가 없이 평평한 프랫 파우치

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MP5x7ND-10000 Pcs

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ITEM : 바닥이 없이 평평한 프랫 파우치 
  • Size:  5" W x 7" H
  • *Printing:  Full color
  • *Material: White Barrier
  • *Film Lamination:  Gloss Laminate
  • *Reclosable Zipper:  No
  • *Seal Location:  Top Seal, Bottom Loading
  • *Hang Hole:  None
  • 인쇄 제작기간 : 6일-2주후 UPS배송
  • *Tear Notch: Yes
  • Great for samples or single servings
  • Optional zipper for freshness

  • Great for samples or single servings
  • Optional zipper for freshness
  • Uses high-quality barrier films

  • A Versatile Packaging Solution

    An ideal solution for foodservice and health and beauty products, flat pouches are a smart and convenient way of packaging smaller portions of drink mixes, supplements, and snacks.

    The Right Size for Your Needs

    Our flat pouches come in the pouch sizes with their corresponding capacities to suit your needs:

    Pouch Size Capacity
     3.25" x 4.5"  1 gram
     3.375” x 5.5”  1 oz.
     4” x 6”  2 oz.
     5” x 5.5”  2 oz.
     5” x 7”  2-3 oz.
     6” x 7”  4 oz.
     7” x 9”  8 oz.
     7” x 12"  8 oz.

    When Materials Matter

    Barrier films protect your product from the impact of oxidation, moisture, and unpleasant odors that can affect its quality. All of our pouches are made with high-barrier material with an oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of .06 to .065.

    We offer pouches in the following materials:

    • Clear Barrier Film is excellent for showing products off to customers and has the additional benefit of being crease- and crack-proof;
    • White Barrier Film offers a good solid background for full-color printing; and
    • Metallized Barrier Film is a polymer film coated on one side with a layer of aluminum to give it a glossy silvery appearance.

    Each of these materials has the following properties in production:

    Film Type Clear Barrier Film White Barrier Film Metallized Barrier Film
    Average Thickness 4.6 mil. 4.6 mil. 3.1 mil
    Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) <0.5 <0.5 <0.8
    Construction 48ga. PET/3.0 mil. EVOH Coex/Ink/Laminate 48ga. PET/3.0 mil. EVOH Coex/Ink/Laminate 48ga. MET PET/1.5 mil. mLLDPE/Ink/Laminate
    Oxygen Protection Full Full Optimal
    Moisture Protection Optimal Optimal Full
    Light Protection None Minimal Full
    Printing Full-color with window Full-color Full-color metallized
    White Ink Printing Yes, included Not applicable Yes, but optional

    Note that all three film types are ideal for food items and can be used for both dry and liquid contents.

    You can opt to add either of these coatings for additional shine or protection:

    • Gloss lamination adds a brilliant shine to the surface while making images more striking; or
    • Matte lamination which gives a satin-like texture and makes any text easy to read.

    The zippers for these pouches are 10mm in height and centered vertically at 1.5” from the top trim.

    Additional Options

    *Round or Euro-style hang-holes for suspended display can be punched 1/4” from the top rim of each package.
    *Tear notches on both sides of the top for easy opening are automatically included.
    *Bulk orders start at 100 pieces.