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COVID-19 : 카드모양 스프레이 사니타이저,투명,블루색
0.66 OZ Card Typed Sanitizer

        MWCV-A74174SAN-CARDsam         Card Typed Sanitizer


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  • COVID-19 : 카드모양 스프레이 사니타이저
    0.66 OZ Card Typed Sanitizer
  • Model...MWCV-A74174SAN-CARDsam
  • 색상;color...Clear
  • Size...Card
  • 로고인쇄.Imprinting.. Not Included
  • Material...ABS
  • 배송기간:Delivery...결재후 10-25일
  • 제품설명...Using antibacterial hand sanitizer is critical to staying healthy, especially during the winter when more people stay warm inside. This sanitizer spray is has 62% Ethyl alcohol by volume and is a great give-away item that will be used multiple times daily. It's shaped like a compact card and the label will note information for ingredients and use.