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COVID-19 : 코로나 프로텍션  파티션{스토어/오피스}

COVID-19 : 코로나 프로텍션 파티션{스토어/오피스}

        이상적인 스토어 및 컨프런스 코로나 방지책         Suspended Protective Partitions 24" Kit{By Sam}

이상적인 스토어 및 컨프런스 코로나 방지책

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  • 제품명:Name
    COVID-19 : 코로나 프로텍션  파티션{스토어/오피스}
    Suspended Protective Partitions 24" Kit
  • Made In USA
  • 모델명:SKU... MWCV-A45853SN1C-24sam
  • 제품색상:Color... Blue
  • 제품사이즈:Size...24 "W x 36 "
    상기가격은 24"기준이며, 18"W, 24",36"W,48"W도 가능
  • 로고인쇄.Imprinting... Silver Printing
  • 재질:Material... Aluminum
  • 배송:Delivery...결재후 5-10일후 무료배송됩니다.
  • 포장방법:Packaging... 1 per Case...8 Lbs...40 " x 4 " x 4 "
  • 제품설명:Description
    Suspended Protective Sneeze Barrier against caughing &
    sneezing. Prefect for Reception, Cashier, Checkout Counter.
    Ceiling Mounted Screen transparent protective film with
    Aluminum Or Plastic Silver Profiles to mount visuals and films.

    Suspended partitions are a quick and easy solution, composed of durable material in multiple width and lengths; it can be supplied to accommodate all areas. Transparent, thick vinyl provides very good visibility without interfering with daily duties at the workplace and provides protection. It is mounted between two aluminum rails for perfect layout that hangs from the ceiling with a cable kit. Features: US made, Fast Shipping, No end treatment required, Ideal for large signage, reusable, Beautifully finished aluminum case, Designed to close easily once vinyl or graphic is inserted. Plastic gripper included. Sold as Kit.

    Aluminum Silver Kit:
    - Top & bottom cross bars with end caps,
    - 36” of clear washable protective film,
    - 2 x 5’ feet of 1/32“ cable & 2 rail clips.