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COVID-19 : 코로나 투명 아크릴 캐셔 카운터 방어벽(무료배송)
COVID-19 : 코로나 투명 아크릴 캐셔 카운터 방어벽(무료배송)
COVID-19 Protection Stand...ref. DRSam
스토어,사무실등 고객접견용 투명 방어,네일가게,델리,식당,카페,상담용 책상,회계사,약국등 미전역 무료배송

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  • COVID-19 : 코로나 투명 아크릴 캐셔 카운터 방어벽
    COVID-19  Protection Transparent  Stand
    -직원과 고객간의 상방 바이러스 전파를 차단합니다
    -아크릴벽으로 정면이 완벽차단됩니다.
    -탁상,테이블탑,식탁  또는 카운터탑등에 배치가 용이합니다.
    -질병통제센터의 요구인 "사람간의 간격유지"에 부응합니다
    -견고성이 있으며,세척 또는 스프레이 소독등이 가능합니다
    -아크릴로 제작된 베이스로 넘어지지 않습니다.
  • Model...MWCVDR-Shield
  • Made In USA
  • 사이즈:Size
    탁자/책상위 스탠드형 : 24"Wide X 24"High...24X32...32x24
        ... 24x36... 48x36
    천장에 매다는 방식 :  : 24"Wide X 24"High...32x24... 24x32 
  • 배송기간:Delivery... 온라인주문 결재후 5-10일이내 UPS접수
  • 인쇄:Imprinting...실버컬러 로고
  • 재질:Materials... 알루미늄, 투명 프라스틱
  • 제품설명:Description
    스토어,사무실등 고객접견용 투명 방어,네일가게,델리,
    식당,카페,상담용 책상,회계사,약국등 미전역 무료배송 드립니다.

    Rated One Of The Best Tabletop Sneeze Guards For The Price

    Protect your customers and employees with tabletop sneeze guards designed to fit small spaces and be easily washable. Ideal for use at restaurants, cafeterias, coffeeshops & lunchrooms. Also great for service desks, reception desks and ticket counters. Dishwasher safe up to 170 degrees F. Perfect to help stop the spread of infectious diseases while being unobtrusive enough to use on all your tables. Can also be used on everything from collaborative work desks at shared office spaces, hotel reception desks, airline ticket counters, doctor's, dentist's or eye doctor's office reception counters and more. Use a plastic divider or sneeze guard to help stop the spread of diseases transmitted through coughs and sneezes. Protect employees and your customers by using a washable clear divider that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing. This item is rated one of the best at the price and is not available on Amazon. It provides a low-cost and unobtrusive solution for these challenging customer service areas. 

    Restaurant And Cafeteria Tabletop Sneeze Guard Requirements 

    The height of a tabletop, desk or reception counter sneeze guard should be tall enough above the floor to adequately create a physical separation or divider between the workers or between the customers or the workers. Consideration should be given as to whether the people are in a seated position or if they are standing up. The average height of a person seated in a chair is between 42 inches and 54 inches high. The average height of a person standing is between 5 feet and 6 feet tall. Most restaurant tables & corporate desktops are approximately 30 inches tall. Reception desks and cafeteria hi-top counter heights generally vary from 30 inches to 42 inches tall. A sneeze guard positioned on either should extend upward between 24 and 36 inches to form an effective barrier. This item satisfies those sneeze guard requirements and overall health safety guidelines. Additionally, attention to the type of transactions that will occur where the sneeze guard is deployed will help determine whether or not a pass-through hole or notch in the sneeze guard shield is needed. As an example, if the interaction is primarily eating at a restaurant or verbal communication at a shared office desk and not much gets exchanged between the participants then a sneeze guard without a hole is recommended. This will better protect the individuals from the transmission of disease. 

    Sneeze Guard Frame & Part Sizes  

    This item is sold as a complete kit. It includes a 1/8 inch thick solid acrylic panel without a notch or hole for better protection. The panel measures 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall. This unit includes two acrylic bases that attach to the plastic panel without tools or fasteners. The depth of this unit measured at the base feet is 8 inches. This sneeze guard can be placed on a checkout counter, desk, reception counter or tabletop. Simple to clean - use a soft cloth and soapy water only. Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they may harm surface.