Business gift set with logo imprint(고급 깁트세트)
Business gift set with logo imprint

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  • 품명: Business gift set with logo imprint 고급 깁트세트
  • 색상 : Black, Red, Pink Gold
  • 크기: 10.9 " x 14.7 " x 1.57 "
  • 로고인쇄방법: Laser Engraved 또는 Unimprinted
  • 납기: 4주
  • 재질: Stainless steel


제품소개 Product Description

  1. Description
    This business gift set include: 1.signature ballpoint pen, 2. business name card holder and 3. 8GB USB flash drive. 4. Leather covered note book 100 pages A5 size 5. key chain 6. wireless Mouse 7. 10000 mAh power bank. Customized logo is welcomed. MOQ: 100 sets. 4 colors for your choice. The price with the shipping cost to your zip code.