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Beer Cold Insulation Cup
Bottle Saver's double walled stainless steel vacuum sealed bottle insulator Enjoy crisper, more delicious beer and soda flavors ..asSam
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MGASGOH821-500 Pcs

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Beer Cold Insulation Cup, Bottle Saver Bottle Insulator , 12

Sizes...2.95 " x 9.85 "  
***Materials...Stainless Steel
*****Weight...0.77 lbs

*Premium Bottle Insulator, Experience a icy cold beverage in the best stainless steel bottle cooler on the market, Perfect for Bud light, Carona, Lablatts Blue, Guinnes, Miller Highlife, Smirnoff Ice, and so many more, Bottle Saver is also great for soda bottles, keeps them cold and from breaking if dropped Complete Bottle Protection and Insulation, Bottle Saver Bottle Insulator is made with safe eco frendly BPA-free stainless steel, lined with high grade non-toxic rip resistant neoprene for a snug and tight fit.

**Guaranteed to keep your drink cold even on those hot summer days at the beach Great for All Occasions, Bottle Saver is great for Parties, BBQ's, Boating, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking and Camping, It is also great for sporting events and places you wanna be discreet with your beverage B