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Newest 10-Ton / 20,000 Lbs Crushing Force in Universe: Kitchen & Dining--{mzSam}
미국산 10톤 프레스

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THE BIG BASTARD PRESS, Newest 10-Ton / 20,000 Lbs Crushing Force in Universe: Kitchen & Dining     
  • THE BIG BASTARD PRESS - The Newest Mega 10 Ton Hydraulic Ram Press in the Market - Pressing 20,000 Lbs of Pressure to: 7" x 9" Bricks & up to 3" Inches Deep
  • High Tech Hydraulic Presses Are Recommended & Used by Professionals. High Tech Innovative Original & Proven Designed Presses are fully machined presses built from aircraft aluminium. All of our Presses are a precision state-of-the-art piece of equipment,
  • Made in USA - HighTech Hydraulic Press Has Been America's Premier Brand of The Most Outstanding Presses in the World. Such as, the best selling 4-Ton Brick Press, the 8-Ton Monster Press & the new, 10 Ton, The Big Bastard Press,
  • Easy to Clean. Does Not Get Hot. Durable. Can be used repeatedly many times for a long time. Does not contain any harmful objects or materials,
  • Capable of Getting Heated. Bastard Press has no Limits. When heated, the aircraft aluminum transfers and retains heat much more efficiently and effectively than steel. (Other Presses are made out of steel not aircraft aluminum). Utilizing machined aluminum (instead of welded steel) allows Hightech Presses to be constructed from one solid piece of material so there are no seams or gaps and everything fits together perfectly for the life of the Press.