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Tenor Slide Trombone Brass
Tenor Slide Trombone Brass
Suitable for beginners and trombone enthusiasts{mzSam}
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 EASTROCK Bb Tenor Slide Trombone Brass, suitable for beginners and trombone enthusiasts, with ABS Hard Case,Gloves and Mouthpiece, 7.874" Bell(200mm): Musical Instruments  
  • The trombone musician's dream starts here, and Eastrock opens the door to the music world for you. Our trombone has good sealing and wear resistance.
  • Eastrock ~ First choice for every trombone enthusiast, we use improved craftsmanship, real photos, same price, it's time for you to buy it.
  • Bore size 12.5mm, Bell DIA. 200mm (7.874 "), large diameter enhances sound transmission, improves trombone quality. Normal use and maintenance, maintain bright colors for 2-4 years
  • No life without music, smooth surface, smooth tone, bright colors decorate your musical life. Each trombone has been professionally commissioned at the factory to achieve a higher standard.
  • Warranty ~ The Trombone has any problems within 2 year, just contact us to get a new or full refund.