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35개입 황토+한지 마스크용 필터<br>COVID-19 Antibacterial Deodorizing Filter Pads
35개입 황토+한지 마스크용 필터
COVID-19 Antibacterial Deodorizing Filter Pads

Filter Pad for Respiratory Mask

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  • COVID-19 마스크용필터:COVID-19 Filters For Mask
    Antibacterial Deodorizing Filter Pads
    for all Respiratory Mask (Mask not Included)
  • Model...MX8ST0420-35
  • Package includes 35 pcs filters pads replaceable. This product in the pouch does not include masks but only with 35 filter pads
  • Useful for all kinds of antibactrial and deodorizing masks like cotton masks, public health masks or dental masks.
  • The antibacterial(Bacillus pyocyaneus, Colon bacillus, Pneumococcus and pathogenic fungus) mask pads are compatible with all kinds of masks
  • Use of the filers will get you feel very much new one due to its additional  deodorization performance.
  • It will not cause or least skin troubles even though you will have to use for rather longer time due to the paper used has been made of natural mulberry trees which are much safer than using the materials like rayon mostly from China.
  • The process to make the filter has been hygienic due to the facility in a clean room and also are safer against heavy metals like lead, arsenic, Mercury and more
  • The recent Test Results and Certifications by the official Korean Govermental Labs are shown hereunder.
  • HOW TO USE : Use the eco-friendly double sided tape in the Pouch to fix the pads onto inside of your mask.  Replace with new one any time you will need it.  
  • It is Antibiotic - Bacillus pyocyaneus, Colon bacillus, Pneumococcus, pathogenic fungus 89%+ Antibacterial
  • It is Better Respirative - Easier to breath due to outstanding ventilation, deodorization & humidification performance.
  • It is Safer and Hygienic - as shown on the 3 Test Results performed by the Korean govermental Labs of KIFA due to the use of Korean traditional Natural paper named Hanji and Korean originated Red Soil  named Hwangto which are Antibacterial Materials.
  • The Size of the filter Pad is 3.6" Wide and 5.1" High