Hanbat Restaurant

Han Bat is where cuisines of South Korea meets New York. Styled like the traditional kitchen & dinning room of South Korea, here you can sip rice wine and enjoy the excellent taste of farm-to-table American Korean fare without the frills.

Gobdol BiBim Bab

Assorted vegetables over rice with Kimchi and raw egg in hot stone pot.
Choice of : marinated beef / pork / chicken / shrimp / tofu / vegetable only


L.A. Gal Bi

Grilled Short Ribs, marinated with chef's special sauce.  


Jaeyuk Bokum

Sauteed pork in spicy sauce.

Ojing Uh Bokum

Sauteed squid with vegetables in spicy sauce. 


Bu Dae Chi Gae

Spicy Stew with assortment of sausage and vegetables and Kimchi.


Bul Go Ki

Thin sliced tender beef marinated in special soy sauce.


Bi Bim Bab

Marinated beef, vegetables and egg over rice.