about Us and our Services

Founded in 2004, miJuBUY has started print advertising services as an offline as well as online hub for the best products and services to help advertising and sales of the clients of Korean American Business owners in the United States.   Since its inception, miJuBUY has redefined what it means to shop online and save for Korean American Business Owners in The United States.

Through miJuPRINT section, we provide the products and services of most of the printout and advertising services like direct mailing which we actually has been grown since 2004 at New York City.  We also has been good to sell most of the promotional goods at the next section of miJuGift.     Through the experiences of supporting the clients for their advertising, marketing and sales, we also has been concentrated in the sales of the products and services from our ecommerce mall of miJuBUY to help the sales of their business as well as the clients from south Korea who want to export and sell in the US.