miJu Standard Business Cards

미국 고급 표준명함

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High-quality paper stocks at affordable prices makes ordering business cards simple.

  1. Size: 2X3.5" U.S. Standard High Quality Business Cards
  2. Horizental or Vertical Arangement
  3. Paper : 14 Pt or 16 Pt , 0.016 Inch or 350 gsm
  4. Coating : Non Coated Premium Matte 
    or High Gloss UV Coating
  5. Color : Full color or B&W
  6. Printing : One side or Double side
  7. Rounded color option
    by additional cost of $25
  8. Raised Foil or UV colored Printing 
    by additional cost
    of $75 and longer 3-5 more days