Dental Lab Micromotor Handpiece
Dental Lab Micromotor Handpiece
Saeyang Marathon3 Champion Micromotor Winner 37L1 35sp1
made in Korea

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Dental Lab Micromotor Handpiece 220V/110V 35000RPM Saeyang Marathon3 Champion Micromotor Winner 37L1 35sp1 Made in South Korea

Model Number:
Marathon-3 Champion Winner 37L1/35sp1

Material: Metal
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
Brand Name: Beemyi
No-load speed: 35000 r/min
Quality : High Quality Micromotor Handpiece
type 1: IRIS Saeyang Marathon-3 Champion Winner 37L1/35sp1
Purpose: For Denture/Jewelry Polishing and Jade/Glass Carvi
Application place: Dental Laboratory, Hardware/Jade/Jewelry Work
Original : Made in South Korea
Power Supply: 220V/110V
Input power: 65 W
Type: Micromotor Handpiece

ISO9001:2000 Approved


Low noise, high speed, small vibration, high torque, high efficiency, stable performance 

Easy operation, long service life, especially to reduce the error rate in the fine grinding carving time.



Medical Mould jade jewelry carving


Speed: 0 to 35,000 transfer

Maximum torque:
Automatic overload protection
Reversing switch back

Selectable manual / foot control
Three valve springs can be removed directly at the front (replacing the three valve springs without removing the handle)



Technical Data

Power Supply:220V/110V 50/60Hz
Dimensions:7.5cm×20cm×18cm (H W D)
Package Size:10cm×25cm×24cm (H W D)


Parts Included
1 Pcs High Speed Marathon-3 35000 rpm Handpiece   

1 Pcs Foot Pedal Switch  

1 Pcs Control Box Main machine 220v  

2 Pcs Carbon Brush  

1 Pcs Wrench

1 Pcs Operation Manual in English  

1 Pcs Free Plug