Towels,100% Cotton, High Quality ,White, Full Color Screen Printed
Towels,100% Cotton, High Quality ,White, Full Color Screen Printed
High Quality Premium Plus White Hand & Bath towels..8Sam
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Hand Towel
...100% Cotton
..Imprint Size:1.5X14"W
Imprint area : 1.5X15" Wide full color

Semi Bath Size
..20X40-Premium White Bath towels
..100% Cotton..Bath Towels
..Imprint Size:1.5X17"W
...20X40(5Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

Bath Towel
...1.25 Lb/ea
...100% Cotton
..Imprint Size:1.5X21"W 
...Imprint area : 1.5X22" Wide full color 


Premium Plus White Bath Towels
Perfect for Your Home/Your Hotel/Luxury Spa Use

The most important quality of any bath towel is comfort. You want your clients to feel as though they’re getting a warm, snuggly hug from the towels you provide during a hotel stay or a luxurious spa treatment. You need towels big enough to cover their entire bodies as well as absorbent enough to dry off guests quickly.

Our 100-percent cotton premium bath towels fulfill all your needs. Made from the best materials and in a large 27” x 54” size, our deluxe white towels look clean and smooth for your clients and are sturdy and flexible enough for everyday use.

Quality Bath Towels That Resist Wear and Tear 

It’s frustrating to wash a towel a few times and find it practically disintegrating in front of your own eyes. With our towels, you can rest assured that you’re getting a durable product that can endure many washes and long-term use at your spa. We craft our bath towels to last, thanks to the 100-percent cotton thread.

With a detailed hemline at the end of the cloth, these bath towels are also nice enough to set out on display. You can keep them in your locker room or hang them up in treatment rooms, where your clients will appreciate the attractive options.

Complete Your Fitness Facility With Premium Bath Towels

Does your hotel or spa facility offer a fitness area where guests can work out in comfort? In addition to providing a variety of hand towels, why not give them matching white bath towels too? Doing so will allow your guests to pick the right size towel for their needs, and it will give you yet another chance to make a wonderful impression. Plus, why wouldn't you want to accommodate your clients?

Hand towels seem to be the standard across the board in gym facilities within hotels — so why not stand apart from the competition? When you include a fuller-sized bath towel in a workout area, guests will happily use one during workouts and even as they make their way to the showers.

Don't forget to stack your premium bath towels so they have a pleasing arrangement on display. Spread them in an organized manner across some shelves, or drape them on rods to show off the clean fabric. You can even get creative and turn them into animal shapes for extra fun and viral word-of-mouth social marketing opportunities. Make your guests want to return again and again for the benefit of the fun assistance your establishment provides!

Clean Your Wholesale Bath Towels With Ease

You're not interested in spending all your time worrying about how you'll keep your white bath towels looking great. Especially if you're focused on the operations of your facility, it could easily slip your mind to double-check every towel for its pure white color. By following these pieces of advice, your bath towels will always look brightened after every wash:

  • Use an alternative bleach product to keep your white bath towels gleaming: Chlorine bleach works to brighten, but it comes with a heavy price. The harsh chemicals within bleach gradually break down cotton fibers, eating into your investment by causing premature fabric breakdown.  

  • Skip the liquid fabric softener: Liquid softener tends to add a residue film to the top of the cotton fibers, affecting their absorbency. You can ensure your towels look crisp and dry effectively by not accidentally coating them with this filmy layer.

  • Fold your freshly dried premium bath towels as soon as they come out of the dryer: They'll be at their fluffiest, making them suitable for immediate distribution throughout your hotel rooms or spa facility. Nothing beats getting out of a cool pool and immediately wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel!

What's not to love about these white bath towels? Best of all, they're 27" by 54", a generous size that is ideal for many people. Each person can comfortably use one towel, leaving you with more bath towels to spread around  your entire facility.


Buy Our 100% Cotton High Quality  Bath Towels with your Logo or Slogen Today

We offer discounted pricing on all wholesale bulk orders — a great deal for spa owners! Each "unit" includes a dozen bath towels, and the more units you purchase, the more you save. Review our pricing options for these premium plus cotton bath towels and purchase as many as you need for your customers. Start saving now!