777 - Nail Clipper Set
777 - Nail Clipper Set
Three Seven (777) Travel Manicure Grooming Kit Nail Clipper Sets with 8 Items--{mzSam}
8 Items 쓰리쎄븐 손톱깎이세트

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World No. 1. Three Seven (777) Travel Manicure Grooming Kit Nail Clipper Set (8 PCs, TS-377BVC), MADE IN KOREA, SINCE 1975.: Health & Personal Care

  • 집,사무실 비치 필수품인 손톱깎이로 세계를 정복한 브랜드 - 쓰리쎄븐사의 제품입니다. 100개구입시 위 아마존을 크릭하시고, 기타 대량 또는 소량 및 케이스에 손톱깍이 판촉물로서 로고인쇄가 필요 하신 분은 별도 미주바이닷컴으로 연락주세요 

  • Authorized Exclusive Distributor (Three Seven (777)-USA) of Three Seven (777) Products in US and Canada.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. World No. 1 Quality & Technology Since 1975. MADE IN KOREA.
  • Model Number: TS-377BVC. Size: 4.5"(L) X 2.9"(W) X 1.0"(H) Case: PU Leather
  • Included (Total 8 Pcs: Nail Clipper, Cuticle Trimmer, Beauty Scissors, V-shaped Push Stick, Double-sided Push Stick, Tweezers, Ear Pick, Nail File: TS-377BVC)
  • Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects Only. This warranty program covers Three Seven products purchased from Three Seven (777)-USA and applies to all types of manufacturing defects. The warranty program does not cover product that is lost, stolen, dropped, shattered by customer's fault or any other damage that is caused by the consumer.