Acrylic Boards Printing, clear 1/4" thick
Rectangle, 18X24", Hole 4 corners...sam/eng
고급형 아크릴보드인쇄

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    1. Transparent, modern signs that'll make a statement.
      Clear acrylic is a modern choice for signage in business or events. Create sleek signs for a contemporary look. Acrylic is popular for events, especially weddings. Our durable acrylic signs are printed on clear cast acrylic with a gloss surface and come in various sizes and shapes. Ordering a custom acrylic sign is easy. Just call or email us for your printing need on Acrylic board .

    2. Printed with UV ink for longer durability – scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant
Other Specifications available
  1. Hole Drilling: 0.40" hole diameter with 0.375" away from the nearest edge

  2. Other Popular sizes available
    9" x 24"
    12" x 18"
    18" x 24"
    20" x 30"
    23" x 23"
    24" x 36"  

  3. Other different shapes available
    Rounded Rectangle 
    Rounded Square

  4. Hole Drilling :  4 Corners /Top 2 Corners/Top & Bottom Center/4 Corners & Top and Bottom Center
  5. Accessory Options: 
    Suction Cup N' Hook
    3M Command™ Strips 
    Stainless Steel Standoffs

아크릴 보드
투명한 아크릴 보드는 현대적이고   전문적인 느낌을 주는 사인보드입니다.    비즈니스 사인으로서 깔끔하고 세련된 이미지로 인기가 높으며, 저렴하고 신속한 서비스로 무료배송드릴수 있습니다.