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호일실크카드:Foil Printed Business Cards
호일실크카드:Foil Printed Business Cards

Foil on Silkcards

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  • 호일인쇄 고급명함(전면 호일 인쇄, 뒷면 풀컬러 인쇄) 
    Foil Printed Business Cards with the back blank or full color printed 
  • 모델.SKU... MP8ND-FoilBC
  • 크기.Size... 미국 표준 명함 사이즈 3.5 x 2"

  • 종이:Paper..... 14Pt 또는 16 Pt  실크지 
    14 Pt : A durable cardstock that is the go-to choice for most business cards... Uncoated on both sides, which allows for writability with a pen or pencil... Smooth, textured surface complements the shiny colors from the foil
    16 Pt: A little thicker and heavier than the 14 pt. cardstock... Silk laminate adds to its thickness and increases it to a thicker 18 pt... Matte surface complements the foil’s extra shine.

    You can leave your business cards uncoated. But we highly recommend our silk-laminated coating which leaves a smooth, luxurious feel. With five size options, there will be a card that’s right for you. Adding spot UV to your foil stamped or foil embossed business cards will give them a high-end feel.

    Stock up on foil business cards for your next conference, trade show, meeting, and other business dealings.

  • 호일색상.Foil Color... 금색(Gold) 또는 은색(Silver) 
  • Description :
    Foil printing is a process where heat and pressure are applied to a metallic paper to bond it with business cards for added flair. Gold foil printing is a popular choice for entrepreneurs in need of a high-quality finish for their cards.

    Create extravagant and unique business cards with foil business card printing. You can’t go wrong with any of our three foil color options: copper, gold, and silver. It puts attention to details you want to be emphasized.




제품 설명 Product Description

  1. Foiling is a perfect compliment to Silk Lamination. The silk being a smooth, matte finish highlights the foil even more due to the high contrast between Foil and the Silk Matte finish. So if you are looking to highlight your company, logo etc.. look no further. 

  2. Our 16pt Silk Foil cards are the perfect solution. Accent your art with foil.  Foiling on SILK will produce the best results.