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COVID-19 : 식품원료를 사용한 스프레이형 세정제
Hand Sanitizer By Harmless Food Ingredients...FLSam
스프레이방식으로 공급되며, 대용량은 대용량 캔으로 공급, , 한국산, 250 ML, 100개

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MWCVHS-250ML-100 Pcs

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  • COVID-19 : 식품원료를 사용한 스프레이형 세정제(한국산)
    Hand Sanitizer By Harmless Natural Food Ingredients
  • Model...MWCVHS-FLAWLESS-250ml
  • Made In South Korea
  • 사이즈:Size... Portable(50ML), Home use(250ML),
  • 배송기간:Delivery... 온라인주문 결재후 10-20일이내 UPS접수
  • 인쇄:Imprinting...No
  • 재질:Materials... 

  • 제품설명:Description

    How to use
    ..Spray proper quantity on hands. Gently rub and shake until hand is dry
    ...For mask manufacturing, please inquire separately. Recycle is used after purchasing masks in use from retailers, spraying and drying

    Description and use
    ...Appearance : transparent liquid
    ...Main ingredient : Propolis and other ingredients harmless to human body
    ...Odor : Own peculiar odor / odorless
    pH : 7.0 ± 1.0
    ...Use: Hand cleaner, antimicrobial processing agents when manufacturing mask fabrics (non-woven fabrics and textiles) with antibacterial functions, mask recycling spray-type antibacterial agents
    ...Supplying standard
    1). Liquid materials : BULKY / Fill sprayer with this product for use.
    2). Finished product : portable(50ML), home use(250ML), refilling(1,000ML), refilling in large quantity(20KG / 100KG)

    Stability To Human Body
    Food raw materials, cosmetics registered natural propolis (ingredient code: 3988)/ Safety testing is in progress

    Strong Anti-Bacterial and Anti-inflamatory
    Implementation of 99.9% or more of antibacterial properties for general bacteria, food poisoning bacteria, viruses, etc. / Prevention of skin inflammation with anti-inflammatory functions.

    Moisturizing property
    Skin is protected with comfortable sensation by improved slightly wet moisturizing property when this product is sprayed and rubbed on palm and back of hands.

    Safety to skin
    alcohol free product and non irritating to skin is proven : Negative (safe)

    ...Uses natural KFDA food ingredients and verifies harmless content in human body.
    ...Applies the technology of containing microcapsules of propolis, a natural-derived ingredient that is a honeycomb extract.
    ...Gram(+), Gram(-) has strong antibacterial properties against bacteria, viruses and food poisoning bacteria
    ....Antimicrobial persistence : Excellent performance versus prices with maintenance for more than 4 hours(instant disinfecting power of hand sanitizer is maintained for about 1 hour)
    ...Product odor : Agreeable due to odorless.
     * Customer avoids the ethanol smell of hand sanitizer.